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There are numerous programs and versions of the psychrometric charts on the Web, just do a search on Find Psychrometric Chart or Humidity Software Suppliers on GlobalSpec, The Engineering Web Search Engine, or Google, and you'll find plenty. But we've already found a few--see the list below

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  • DryPAK 3.6 DOS, by Dr. Z. Pakowski E-Mail:
    runs under DOS on any IBM PC compatible computer. The program has been on the market since 1992 and is based on Dr. Pakowski's publications and research experience, used by over 30 universities and industrial organisations throughout the world.
    Contact in Poland: OMNIKON, ul. Wierzbowa 18, 90-245 Lodz, tel. (+48 42) 631 3775, tel/fax (+48 42) 678 5270, e-mail
    Distributor in BENELUX is Ingenieursburo IMT BV, tel./fax 03413-57422.

  • EZAir Properties Psychrometrics - Air Properties Calculator From Park Software.."Software that works". A simple-appearing table of interelated variables. Change one or more, press 'Calculate Properties' and the others are recalculated!.Psychrometric air properties calculator for HVAC Psychrometrics. HVAC engineers, designers and air conditioning professionals will enjoy the ease of computing moist air properties without the use of a psychrometric chart. See the screen shot below. 


  • Download a free Psychrometric Chart in a Word document..Linric Corp-Home of PsyCalc® and many related programs to use for humidity calculations and conversions, plus WebPsycH a free on-line calculator.
  • Using a Psychrometric Chart to Describe Air Properties.. From the Ag Dept. at Ohio State

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