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Temperature Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems (DAS), Recorders and Related I/O Modules

Data aquisition systems (DAQ or DAS) options have exploded as a result of the growth in Personal Computer (PC) hardware. Many companies make data acquisition (DAQ) cards to plug into desktop or ruggedized industrial models of PCs. Still others offer systems built out of component subassemblies including many PC components, such as single board PCs. The latest innovations involve high speed Universal Serial Bus or USB connectivity as indicated in the banner above. (Don't engineers love acronyms? We've got a link on MeasurementDevices.com, a related - it's in our "family"- website that covers some 5000+ acronyms and tech terms used in instrumentation and process control.)

More & more suppliers gear up for the longer run by imbedding microprocessors, custom programming and displays into proprietary packaged devices that are hybrids. They supply DAS/DAQ functions with one or more channels, display either temperature values or trends for one or more channels and often provide an interface and/or a storage means for sending collected data back to a another computer for later study and analyses.

There's lots of business and tremendous competetion.

Did we mention software? There are many kinds, many prices and many options. Some come packaged with the hardware at no additional charge.

We've just scratched the surface with this page and will fill it up in due order. At present most of the major suppliers are represented below.

"What are Data Acquisition Systems?", you may ask. Come back again real soon and we'll tell you all about it, in terms just about anyone can understand! If you can't wait, visit a few of the websites listed below and you'll get a head full of information about them and the many variations on a theme.

  1. ACCES I/O Products(USA)
    Analog to Digital with Signal Conditioning for RTD's, Thermocouples, 4-20mA signals, Voltage inputs, to Digital to Analog cards, to Serial Communications such as RS-485 and RS-422 including Optical Isolation.Plug in products in ISA, PCI, RS-485 Bus for REMOTE I/O, and PC/104.
  2. ACR Systems Inc. (USA)
    World Class Data Loggers
  3. Acromag (USA)
    Modbus-RTU I/O Modules and Discrete I/O Modules; Analog Output Modules.
  4. Accutech (USA)
    Current transmitters for TCs, RTDs (Pt, Ni & Cu) plus millivolt and resistance-Units reknown for stability (automatic ambient temperature & cold junction compensation), rapid response, RFI rejection, self-calibration, NIST traceability in absolute accuracy, versitile designs, HART communications.
  5. High-Performance Data Acquisition Boards Optimized(USA)
    from ADAC
  6. AKCP Inc.(USA)
    A manufacturer of SensorProbe environmental monitoring devices that can accept two sensor inputs from special versions of temperature, humidity and other sensors. It s a low cost, SNMP-enabled and web based device, ready to run right out of the box needing only an IP address and connection to a local network or the Internet.
  7. Advantech (Taiwan & USA)
    Supplier of Industrial computers, touch screen devices, single board computers and much more.
  8. Amplicon(UK)
    Amplicon has technical competence in Data Communications, Industrial PCs, Measurement & Control; they have developed a total solution capability that makes Amplicon a key partner for all system integrators, OEMs and manufacturers.
  9. AXONN, L.L.C.(USA)
    Wireless Data Solutions "that work".
  10. Cyber Research(USA)
    DAS Computer Components, Systems and integration capability with your favorite DAS software-Worth a look.
  11. Dataloggers (UK)
  12. Dataq (USA)
    Dedicated and compact and fast.
  13. Data Translation (USA)
    DAQ boards of almost every imaginable type plus the software to use them with PCs. TEMPpoint, for example, is a series of easy-to-use temperature measurement instruments. Every facet of the instrument has been designed to give accuracy. Each box is a 48-channel stand-alone instrument for connection to a PC via USB or Ethernet (LXI). Each sensor input, either a thermocouple, voltage, or RTD, is plugged directly into a connector receptacle on the front panel. In addition to TEMPpoint, Data Translation offers a wide range of data acquisition products for test and measurement.
  14. GEC Instruments (USA)
    Multiple channel thermocouple based temperature data loggers connect to a PC via RS232 serial port or USB. Instruments are accompanied by a versatile Windows software package for display, plotting and logging of temperatures. Built in calibration wizard enables overall system measurement accuracy of ± 0.1°C including thermocouple wire error. Options include humidity inputs as well as high resolution and high accuracy RTD or thermistor probes.
  15. Hi-Techniques, Inc.(USA)
    Maker of data acquisition and logging devices. Check out their CANSAS modules which feature direct analog-to-field bus (temperature to CANbus) conversions. Part of the design of this and all products is a direct connection for any standard type thermocouple. The Cold Junction Compensation is built into the connector pod and the linearization is handled by a fully integrated Dedicated Signal Processor in real time.
  16. I/O Tech(USA)
    The innovator of many external add-on DAQ components for IEE-488 bus, PC Parallel Port connections and much more.
  17. Kinetic Systems(USA)
    Data Acquisition Solutions from the "Data Acquisition Experts"
  18. Kooltrak (USA) and (Germany)
    KOOLTRAK ™ Temperature logging systems are made up of compact, battery-powered one wire sensor-loggers (based on the Dallas Semiconductor's Thermochron iButton, listed below) plus several software package options and networking capability to deliver temperature history data to Pocket PCs or laptops or to any computer, over networks, even over the Web!
  19. Moore Industries(USA)
    Process Instruments & measurements, process control, signal conditioners
  20. National Instruments(USA)
    Home of LabVIEW(tm) and many delightful digital devices and gadgets.
  21. Oceana Sensor(USA)
    Wireless e-Diagnostics
  22. Omega Engineering (USA, Europe & Asia)
    They're into DAQ and Systems, too, phone, mail order and Web.
  23. OTEK Corp.(USA)
    Programmable Intelligent Instruments since 1974.
  24. PCMeasure.com (Germany)
    A simple, cost-effective way to measure physical values including temperature, humidity, brightness and others with a PC. It's easy to distribute the results over a network, and send e-mail, SNMP traps or SMS messages on threshold violation. You can create graphics from the measurement results quickly and simply with the PC Measure software.
  25. Picotech's (USA)
    Temperature measurement and logging
  26. Status Instruments, Inc.(USA)
    Temperature and Humidity electronic transmitters, field loop-powered transmitters, low cost, smart digital displays forn RTDs, TCs and more.
  27. Thermochron (USA)
    A web site, dedicated to the iButton temperature sensor & data logger featured as the product of the month for January 2002 on this web site.
  28. Uptime Devices (USA)
    SNMP and Web based environmental (temperature-humidity etc) and power monitoring devices.
  29. Validyne Engineering (USA)
    Unique DAQ Temperature interface for PCs used in logging and control.
  30. Veriteq Dataloggers(Canada)
    An easy-to-install and dependable humidity & temperature monitoring system for labs or facilities. Our cost-effective temperature monitor is an alternative to manual data collection methods, chart recorders, or hard-wired centralized systems.
  31. Yokogawa Corp. of America(USA)
    Temperature transmitters. The YTA series with universal input keeps inventory costs low. Their resolution is unmatched; two models feature the industry best D/A accuracy of 0.02% of span. The dual sensor model enables further error reduction through automatic sensor back up and differential measurements.
  32. Zeta-tec (UK)
    Multiple channel, compact, battery powered data-logging devices to measure Temperature, Resistance, Voltage, Pulses, Humidity, Barometric pressure, 4 - 20 mA current and other variables.
  33. ZMD America Inc.(USA)
    Interface IC-Mixed-signal ICs from ZMD are system solutions that meet high performance requirements, containing a high proportion of analog circuit components. These ICs typically provide cost-effective on-chip calibration using EEPROM, and proven analog designs for interfacing to an analog world.
    We develop innovative products together with our customers for various market segments, including automotive, communication, industrial, sensor interfaces and medical.

P.S. Interested in a free listing on our vendor directories?

It's self service at TempSensor.net, The Temperature Directories website.

Ditto at MeasurementDevices.com, our website for all the other kinds of measurement devices beside temperature sensors (well..there's a few things about temperature sensors there..) and more of the things that relate to them from a Quality Assurance (QA) point of view.

It's self-service and packed with more technical resources related to scientific, laboratory and process measurements.


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