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Contact Temperature Sensor Vendor Pages

  1. Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Vendors
  2. Resistance Temperature Detector (RTDs) and Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs and SPRTs) Vendors
    Also includes PT100, Nickel RTD and Copper RTD Vendors
  3. Thermistor Temperature Sensor Vendors (both NTC and PTC types)
    Also includes the primary sensor suppliers to the digital clinical and medical thermometers
  4. Liquid in Glass Thermometer Vendors (Includes Clinical or Medical Glass thermometers)
  5. Bimetallic Temperature Sensors (including Thermostats)
  6. Filled System Temperature Sensors
  7. Phase Change Temperature Sensors (Labels, Crayons, Paints etc)
  8. Cryogenic Temperature Sensors
  9. Dewpoint Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  10. Semiconductor Temperature Sensors
  11. Thermowell Vendors
  12. Large Distributors and Multiple Product Line Suppliers

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Buyer Beware!

There are sensor manufacturers, sensor distributors, sensor applications engineers, sensor salesmen, sensor reps, sensor resellers and system integrators who build sensors into larger systems. They are not all the same, do not all have the same education, experience and know-how. Some are sensor experts; some know a little. Some know less than a nearby rock about the sensor they represent or provide. The balance occupy all shades in between the limits.

Some vendors are more honest than others, just like in every business. The watch words are, as always: "Buyer beware", until you build up confidence in their business ethics and technical abilities (and that of the organisation they represent).

Fortunately contact sensors are relatively mature technologies for most of products used in large volume. There are standards for composition, calibration and use limits, connectors and so on. View our Standards pages to learn more specifics. Not everything is covered. You need to have someone you can trust or an in-house specialist who is up to date on these items plus stays aware of the advances in them when you go to purchase them.

Make sure that your measurement requirements are as complete and detailed as possible; always reference any applicable standards and require certified compliance to them.

Finally, you have a requirement spelled out and are sure they are covered by current standards. Are you going to be using the sensor in a ISO900x production or a process or test that is critical? Then you will most certainly need a traceable calibration for the devices you seek. Without it any measurements will have errors that can only be guessed, not verified, nor ever verified or repeated except by happenstance. Often the last item on a purchase checklist is the most important, as is this one: Traceable Calibration. In their 2001 book, "Traceable Temperatures" (see our References page) Nicholas and White observe that measurements without traceabilty, are not measurements at all but effectively some vague effort that, in a critical analysis, is seen not worth the time and money. Got the message?

Also note The Temperature Sensors Community Web Site, a companion site set up to enable direct inputs from temperature sensor users and makers. Vendors, do visit there. Sign in and enter your own company data, product and service offerings and news-It's been Improved! Users can post reports & reviews of companies, news, products and services. Note that inputs are moderated for propriety and excess zeal! Best of all, it is freely available and "self service".

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