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Cryogenic Temperature Sensor Vendors

NB: Effective Dec 1, 2004, this page will no longer be updated here.

The vendor list has been moved to The TempSensor.net Website (www.TempSensor.net) and will be maintained there in the future.

Please bookmark the new location for future reference.

Later in 2008 or 2009, the balance of this page will be erased and a redirect installed.

(Note: The new site location is self-service and vendors can add their own listings. New product and service news releases are similarly posted on TempSensorNEWS.com, another self-service website that requires no registration at all!)

It does require that someone register with a valid email address to receive a password and be enabled to enter information. This helps keep the mildly curious at bay.

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The list below is a selection of cryogenic temperature sensor vendors that were found using search engines on the Web; more will be added as they are discovered or reported.

Please remember that ordinary thermocouples are usuable down to relatively low temperatures (e.g. Types E, K, N and T to -270°C), however their uncertainties may not be adequate.

Platinum RTDs similarly are used down to -200 °C and can provide reasonably accurate measurements in the subzero realm.

If your company should be listed, just do it. Listings are free. Go to The TempSensor.net Directories Website (www.TempSensor.net) and you can do the listing yourself, with little waiting, usually less than a week, and no charge.

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Featured Vendor
AdSem, Inc.
AdSem, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) the developer and supplier of novel Si and Ge cryogenic sensors with unique performance for high precision measurements of low and ultra-low temperatures

AdSem, Inc.
AdSem, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) is the developer and supplier of novel Si and Ge cryogenic sensors with unique performance for high precision measurements of low and ultra-low temperatures: a) superwide semiconductor thermistors for temperature range of: 400K - 1K, 300K-20mK, 730K-1K; b) semiconductor thermistors with increased interchangeability for temperature range of: 400K - 77K, 4.2K - 1mK, 20K - 100mK, 100K- 1K; c) high sensitive semiconductor thermistors for temperature range of: 300K - 77K, 300K-20K, 300K-4.2K; d) cryogenic IR bolometers..
Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc.
Sensors and controllers including an industry first: a temperature comtroller with proprietary new DC offset cancellation technique for Diode sensors. Additionally, Model 32 has features that allows the user to custom fit any Diode, Thermocouple or resistor sensor calibration curve.
Cryomagnetics, Inc
Utilizes the latest technology to provide precision temperature monitoring at a reasonable cost. Many applications require only a precision temperature monitor – not an expensive temperature controller.
LakeShore Cryotronics, Inc.
Supplier for more than 30 years of Sensors, Controllers, AC Bridge Monitors, Current Sources and Accessories. Supplies all the types of temperature sensors and hads several proprietary designs that are trademarked (indicated by the TM symbol) e.g. Cernox™ RTD, Carbon-Glass™ RTD, Rox™ RTD, Capacitance Sensors, Thermox™ RTD .
Neocera, Inc.
TRI-CryoCal Cryogenic PR-100 Platinum RTD that is claimed to be: completely interchangeable, has a strain-free assembly and a non-inductive winding.
Scientific Instruments,Inc.
Laboratory Instrumentation and Temperature Sensing Products for Cryogenic Applications, Aerospace Temperature and Liquid Level Transducers, Petrochemical Tank Gauging Equipment, LNG Fuel Tank Measuring Systems, Aircraft Temperature Sensors and Ultra-violet Flame Detectors for Hazardous Environments. They offer seven different types of cryogenic temperature sensors.
Thermal Management & Integration Services offering the TVO carbon-ceramic resistors sensors with applications in all areas of cryogenic instrumentation and diagnostics. Also distrubutes the Quickfield multi-physics analysis software suite in the UK.

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