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G. Raymond Peacock (Ray Peacock)


Ray Peacock has a varied, in depth, technical past, most recently in Steel Mill projects, along with the unique experience as a marketing and management specialist involved in growing a small instrument company from almost zero size to a multimillion dollar, profitable organization in North America. A more detailed profile of his background is available on a seperate page.

Ray has been involved in temperature sensors and thermal modeling for such diverse measurements as biological tissues exposed to laser radiation and induction butt-welded piping as well as high speed hot strip mills, fiber optic drawing furnaces, cement kilns and more.

His fundamental belief is that the details are always important and when one understands what the important ones are in any activity, technical or commercial, the development of a plan to move forward involves managing those key items. So, he knows the need to get in-depth at the outset, and then how to use that knowledge to establish and manage the overview to achieve the desired end.

All of this, of course, involves working with other people who often have special knowledge and/or ability to affect critial results.

Thus, recognition of each person's contribution and worth along with effective communications has proven time and time again to be equally important in obtaining a desired outcome.

He is also the he creator and developer of www.temperatures.com

Among his achievements are the following.

While a Senior Staff Engineer at LTV Steel Company's Technology Center in Independence, Ohio (1989-2001) were:

  • Development of a new radiation thermometer to measure the temperature of steel strip in the Galvanneal Process (awarded The LTV Steel Technology Center General Manager's Award in 1992),

  • Further development and implementation of a two scanning Galvanneal Radiation Thermometer Systems that provide cross-strip temperature distribution along with summary statistics.

  • Improvements in measurements of the temperature of steel strip in Continuous Annealing lines,

  • Establishing equipment and practices to verify the calibration of non contact temperature sensors (spot and line) in the high-speed sections of hot strip mills and the exits of continuous casters,

  • Establishing calibration practices and R&R method tests for spot radiation thermometers, optical width gauges, and even simple tape measures,

  • Writing engineering technical specifications for software and hardware for measurement devices in steel plants,

  • Managing the development, from scratch, of a working protype, online hot strip mill camber gauge based on standard video camera, PC hardware and custom software,

  • Determining, by experimental means, the major source of cracking in production Taconite pellets and the means to reduce such cracking by more than 50%,

  • Presenting simple calculations that showed that a prior art optimium (both in theory and practice) waveband for use of IR Thermal Imaging to detect the presence of Slag on a Steel Pouring Stream exists in The Near Infrared around 1 micron.

While at Land Instruments in Pennsylvania in the positions of first, Marketing Manager, then Engineering Manager, next, General Manager, and finally, VP Engineering:

  • He spearheaded the marketing effort to expand the market presence of Land IR Thermometers in North America from a virtual non-player into a major share player, performing field sales, locating and training field reps writing annual marketing plans, guiding promotion and lead generation, developing lead qualifying systems, solving applications, sales and customer problems.

  • Discovered the untapped market for Acid Dewpoint Meters in oil and coal-fired Power Boilers and the Chemical Additive Suppliers that provided initial sales to finance the emergence of a second USA Land organization in the USA, Land Combustion,

  • Similarly heading the team that uncovered the use of the continuous acid dewpointmeter in not only power boilers but also in a novel application in Sulfuric Acid plants in detecting the presence of water vapor in a stream of highly concentrated Sulfur Trioxide vapor.

  • Worked with Bethlehem Steel Research (supported by a strong UK technical team who developed similar information in parallel ) to prove the industrial utility of a single, background compensated, narrow wavelength passband, mid-IR Thermometer as a means to overcome the historic problem of measuring surface temperatures remotely in hotter regions (e.g. slabs and bars inside reheat furnaces),

  • Pioneered the establishment of the Minolta-Land brand of portable IR thermometers as modern replacements for traditional Optical Pyrometers, (the start of significant volume Minolta- portable pyrometer sales in the world),

  • Uncovered the market for, defined the requirements of, and prompted the development of the Land Continuous Caster fiberoptic thermometer product line,

  • Established the Minolta-Land Model 52 and 152 as suitable transfer standard devices for use as devices calibrated directly by NIST in a new USA calibration methodology which has expanded to several other equipment suppliers over the years since its introduction.

  • Aided development of new ways to measure and apply temperature sensors in glass melting, forming and tempering, aluminum, brass and steel processing,

  • Designed temperature compensation of thermocouple circuits and high speed ratio thermometer electronics,

  • Designed custom test equipment for electronic production operations,

  • Value engineered solid state electronics ampflier systems to maintain function while reducting component count and assembly cost,

  • Measured gas temperatures, acid and water dew point temperatures, found a second market for sulphuric acid dewpoint meters in the chemicals industry and implemented design chages to equipment to meet technical needs (very high corrosion resistance and high external pressure operating conditions).
Some of his papers and presentations tell part of the technical story in much more detail and a list of them is on another website page.




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