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Temperature References: Books

Below are listed a collection of books and Conference Proceedings, mostly hardbound, that represent a significant portion of the summarized , published literature on temperature, temperature sensors and related subjects. Most are found only in libraries or purchased from the publisher of resellers like Amazon.com.


Books and Series of Significant Publications
Published Once a Year or Less Frequently

  1. Temperature Measurement in Engineering,Vol. I, Baker, H.D., M.E. Ryder and N. H. Baker, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, New York, (1953).
  2. Temperature Measurement in Engineering, Vol.II, Baker, H.D., M.E. Ryder and N. H. Baker, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, New York, (1961). {NOTE: The above two books are quite dated in terms of electronics, but contain a wealth of information of a practical nature. Long out of print, they were last reprinted and sold by Omega Engineering and may still be available there.}
  3. Relation of Emittance to Other Optical Properties. J. C. Richmond, Journal of Research of The National Bureau of Standards, Volume 67C, No. 3, pp 217-226 (1963).
  4. Measurement of Thermal Radiation of Solids Edited by J. C. Richmond, NASA Special Publication SP-31 , U.S. Government Printing Office, (1963).
  5. Thermal Radiation of Solids, Edited by S. Katsoff, NASA Special Publication SP-55, U.S. Government Printing Office, (1965).216.
  6. Precision Measurement and Calibration, Selected NBS Papers on Temperature, Edited by J.F. Swindells, NBS Special Publication 300-Volume 2, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. (1968).
  7. Fundamentals of Temperature, Pressure and Flow Measurements, R.P. Benedict, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York, NY (1969)
  8. "Cryogenic Thermometry: A Review of Recent Progress ", L. G. Rubin, Cryogenics, Vol 10, 14-20, (1970).
  9. Thermophysical Properties of Matter, TPRC Data Services, Y.S. Touloukian and C.Y. Ho (Editors
    Volume 7 "Thermal Radiative Properties: Metallic Elements and Alloys", by Y.S. Touloukian and D.P. DeWitt, IFI Plenum, New York, NY (1970)
    Volume 8 "Thermal Radiative Properties: Nonmetallic Solids", by Y.S. Touloukian and D.P. DeWitt, IFI Plenum, New York, NY (1970) and,
    Volume 9 "Thermal Radiative Properties: Coatings" by Y.S. Touloukian, D.P. DeWitt and R. S. Hernicz, IFI Plenum, New York, NY (1972).
  10. Thermocouple Temperature Measurement , P.A. Kinzie, John Wiley & Sons, New York, (1973).
  11. Temperature Measurement, 1975, Edited by B.F. Billing and T.J. Quinn, Conference Series Number 26, The Institute of Physics (UK) (1975)
  12. Measurements in Heat Transfer , E.R.G. Eckert and R.J. Goldstein, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, (1976).
  13. Temperature Measurement and Control, Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference of The Institute of Metallurgical Technicians, Totley, Derbyshire (UK), The Chameleon Press Limited, London (1978).
  14. Industrial Temperature Measurement ,T. W. Kerlin and R. L. Shepard, Instrument Society of America, Research Triangle Park, NC, (1982).
  15. "Cryogenic Thermometry: A Review of Progress Since 1970", L. G. Rubin, B.L. Brandt and H.H. Sample, Cryogenics, Vol 22, 491 (1982).
  16. Applications of Radiation Thermometry, Edited by J. C. Richmond and D. P. Dewitt, ASTM Special Technical Publication 895, American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia, PA, USA (1985)
  17. Proceedings of Aluminum Association Workshop on Sensors, Proceedings of a Conference held in Atlanta GA, Aluminum Association of America, Washington DC(1986).
  18. Noncontact Temperature Measurement, Edited by M.C. Lee, NASA Conference Publication 2503, U.S. Government Printing Office (1987).
  19. Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry, Edited by D.P. DeWitt and Gene D. Nutter, Wiley Interscience (John Wiley & Sons, Inc) New York, NY USA (1988)
    {NOTE: The veritable "Bible" of non-contact temperature measurement. If it isn't written here either it's something new or there's a reference to it}
  20. Principles and Methods of Temperature Measurement, T.D. McGee, A Wiley-Interscience Publication, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY (1988)
  21. Proceedings of The Second Noncontact Temperature Measurement Workshop, Edited By R.R. Hale, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Publication 89-16, U.S. Government Printing Office (1989).
  22. Temperature, T. J. Quinn, Academic Press, London (1990).
  23. Temperature Measurement, L. Michalski, K. Eckersdorf and J. McGhee John Wiley & Sons, London (1991).
  24. Temperature: Its Measurement and Control in Science and Industry, Edited By: C. O. Fairchild, J.D. Hardy, R.B Sosman and H.T. Wensel, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, NY (1941),
    (Part 1, 2 &3) Volume 2,
    Edited By H.C. Wolfe, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, NY (1955).
    (Part 1, 2 &3) Volume 3,
    Editor-in-Chief, C. M. Hertzfeld, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, NY (1962),
    (Part 1,2 &3) Volume 4 ,Editor-in-Chief, H.H. Plumb,, Instrument Society of America, (1972),
    (Part 1 and 2) Volume 5, Edited By J. F. Schooley, American Institute of Physics, Washington, DC (1983),
    (Part 1 and 2) Volume 6, Edited by J. F. Schooley, American Institute of Physics, Washington, DC (1993)
    (Part 1 and 2) Volume 7, Edited by D. C. Ripple, American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY (2003)
    A.There is an earlier volume dating back to the 1919, "Symposium on Pyrometry" that can be found in some libraries.
    B. These are the proceeding of the International Temperature Symposia that are held about every 10 years, the last one was in October 2002 in Chicago IL, USA -see the Meetings page on this site.}
  25. Thermometry, J. F. Schooley, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL (1993)
  26. Temperature-Electromotive Force Reference Functions and Tables for Letter-Designaated Thermocouple Types Based on the ITS-90, G.W. Burns, M.G. Scroger and G.F. Strouse, NIST Monograph 175, NIST, Gaithersburg MD (1993){ NOTE: The introductory text and the mathematical functions included in this Monograph are online at the NIST web site and can be accessed by clicking on the above marked hyperlink.}
  27. Manual on The Use of Thermocouples in Temperature Measurement, American Society of Testing and Materials, MNL 12, West Conshohocken, PA, (1993).
  28. Traceable Temperatures, J.V. Nicholas and D. R. White, John Wiley & Sons, London (1994)
  29. Remote Temperature Sensing Workshop, Proceedings of a Conference held at NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland OH Oct 1994, NASA Conference Publication 10167, NASA Washington, DC (1994)
  30. Selected Papers on Temperature Sensing: Optical Methods , Ed. By R.D. Lucier and B. J. Thompson, SPIE, Bellingham, WA, (1995).
  31. "Cryogenic Thermometry: A Review of Progress Since 1982", L. G. Rubin, Cryogenics, Vol 37, 341-356, (1997).
  32. Handbook of Temperature Measurement, Vols. 1-3, Ed.By R.E. Bentley, Springer, New York, NY (1998).
  33. Practical Thermocouple Thermometry, T.W. Kirlin, Instrument Society of America, Research Triangle Park, NC, (1999).
  34. Practical Application of Infrared Thermal Sensing and Thermal Imaging Equipment, 2nd Ed., H. Kaplan, SPIE Optical Engineering Press, Bellingham, WA, (1999)
  35. Selected Papers on CDROM Vol. 7: Thermal Sensing and Imaging 1980-1999, Ed. By J.R. Snell and D.D. Burleigh, SPIE, Bellingham, WA, (1999).
  36. "Review of temperature measurement" , P.R.N. Childs, J.R. Greenwood and C.A. Long, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol 71, No. 8, 2959-2978 (2000).
  37. Temperature Measurement, Volume 14.03 of the 2003 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, American Society for Testing and Materials, W. Conshohocken, PA (2003) (NOTE: Updated annually)
  38. Temperature Measurement, 2nd Edition L. Michalski, et al. John Wiley & Sons, London (2001).

  39. Traceable Temperatures, 2nd Edition J.V. Nicholas and D. R. White, John Wiley & Sons, LTD. Chichester (2001)ISBN 0-471-49291-4

  40. NON-CONTACT THERMOMETRY Measurement Errors, K. Chrzanowski, SPIE Polish Chapter, Warsaw (2001) ISBN 83-904273-5-5 E-Mail contact in Poland
  41. Practical Temperature Measurement, P.R.N. Childs, Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford (2001) ISBN 075065080X
  42. Twenty Fifth Anniversary Edition, ThermoSense 1978-2003 (CD ROM-2 Disc Set), Vol 31, PROCEEDINGS SPIE, Editors, D.D. Burleigh, J. Snell, SPIE, Bellingham, WA (2003)(A complete set of more than 1000 papers published by the SPIE ThermoSense group inclusive of the Twenty Fifth meeting in April 2003.


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