The Pros & Cons of RTDs & Thermocouples – By Jim Pinto

Jim Pinto One useful resource on RTD and Thermocouple sensors was found at Jim Pinto’s Writings section of his website, borrowed from the original article that he wrote for Instruments & Control Magazine in June 2000, at:

In the article Jim takes particular care to describe the likely errors that can occur with less-than-perfect cold junction correction in some electronic thermocouple instruments (i.e. signal conditioners, displays, controllers and transmitters)

He prefaces his remarks by saying:

Resistance temperature detectors and thermocouples can be used for some of the same measurements, but each has strengths and weaknesses that must be carefully matched to the application at hand.

The original version of this article was published in the leading USA magazine – Instruments & Control Systems, June 2000

(Click here for a copy from the I&CS website:

Jim Pinto is an extraordinary person who has been very active in the ISA – the International Society for Automation, where he is Fellow of the Society. He founded Action Instruments and since about 1998 has shared his thoughts and experiences with the world through various media including, since about 2000, his website,  and his YouTube Channel, online at:

His personal profile is available on at: (credit for Jim Pinto’s Picture belongs to that page) and on Linkedin at: where many images and video recordings of Jim may be viewed.