TI Temperature Measurement Videos

TI, or Texas Instruments, is one of the world’s most prolific and largest makers of temperature sensors. They make all kinds but their sensors are mostly in the form of Integrated Circuit semiconductors.

TI also does an exceptional job in educating users how their devices work and how they can be interfaced and incorporated in measurement systems. Especially useful are the videos showing how some of their other integrated circuit modules can be used with external temperature sensors, like Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermistors.

Here’s an example of an interesting one:

Developed through TI’s expertise in MEMS technology, the TMP006 is the first of a new class of ultra-small, low power, and low cost passive infrared temperature sensors. It has 90% lower power consumption and is more than 95% smaller than existing solutions, making contactless temperature measurement possible in completely new markets and applications.

Check out their Video Channel on YouTube, especially the long list of videos already published about “Temperature Measurement”. It very straightforward; just go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/texasinstruments/search?query=%22temperature+measurement%22

Thermalogic Corporation

Cost Effective Solutions For Temperature & Humidity Measurement & Control


Hudson MA, USA —  Thermalogic® Corporation began in 1971 as a supplier of rugged, encapsulated analog temperature control modules, which are still an ideal solution for numerous control situations. Their line of control/sensor designs and products has steadily expanded over the decades, providing cost effective solutions ranging from large multiple zone digital to tiny analog controls and extensive sensor capabilities tailored to exact job requirements.

Thermalogic® customers comprise a cross section of industry and business, including food processing and service, test equipment, fabrication machinery, rail transportation, cooling and heating equipment, semiconductor processing, agriculture, environmental treatment, and laboratory apparatus.

The full range of Thermalogic® service is performed in-house, including R&D, analysis of customer requirements, product design, manufacturing, quality control, and warranty maintenance.

Their products include: Read more Thermalogic Corporation

Semiconductor Vendors

Semiconductor thermometers are usually produced in the form of ICs, Integrated Circuits. There are many types, sizes and models.

Most are quite small and their fundamental design results from the fact that semiconductor diodes have voltage-current characteristics that are temperature sensitive. (That means that semiconductor triodes or transistors are also temperature sensitive.)

Needless to say, these devices have temperature measurement ranges that are small compared to thermocouples and RTDs, but, they can be quite accurate (e.g. ± 0.5°C or so) and inexpensive and very easy to interface with other electronics for display and control.

Listed below are links to some of the makers and suppliers of semiconductor thermometer devices.

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  1. AdSem, Inc.
    Supplier of novel Si and Ge NTC thermistors with unique performance: the highest operating temperature, the widest interchangeability temperature range, the highest thermosensitivity, the smallest size and universal R-T dependence. AdSem, Inc. is only company in the world that offers semiconductor temperature sensors that function as Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistors rather than diodes. They also offer the smallest semiconductor RF and low-temperaturre IR bolometers.
  2. Analog Devices.
    One of the giants in specialized IC devices is also one of the leaders in innovative IC temperature sensor packages and a-to-d converters.
  3. Maxim Integrated Circuit Devices
    One of the most innovative (in terms of sensors) with temperature sensors, micro-sized temperature dataloggers, humidity sensors, sensor kits for low cost exploration of packaging and implementation of new sensor/logger designs-like a miniature weather station.
  4. MicRed
    THERMOSENS Family of CMOS compatible, process independent temperature sensors with either analog or digital output.
  5. National Semiconductors
    Yes, that National Semiconductors, one of the largest of integrated circuit makers for standard ic op-amps, a-to-d converters, counters, timers and then a whole passle of digital devices
  6. Sensirion
    Develops and markets CMOS sensors for temperature measurement, differential pressure, humidity, mass, air and gas flow
  7. Thermochron
    Their web site is dedicated to the iButton temperature sensor & data logger featured as the product of the month for January 2002 on this web site.
  8. TPI Corporation
    A manufacturer of digital temperature and pressure sensors that connect directly to digital I/O ports and micro-PLC’s.