TI Temperature Measurement Videos

TI, or Texas Instruments, is one of the world’s most prolific and largest makers of temperature sensors. They make all kinds but their sensors are mostly in the form of Integrated Circuit semiconductors.

TI also does an exceptional job in educating users how their devices work and how they can be interfaced and incorporated in measurement systems. Especially useful are the videos showing how some of their other integrated circuit modules can be used with external temperature sensors, like Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermistors.

Here’s an example of an interesting one:

Developed through TI’s expertise in MEMS technology, the TMP006 is the first of a new class of ultra-small, low power, and low cost passive infrared temperature sensors. It has 90% lower power consumption and is more than 95% smaller than existing solutions, making contactless temperature measurement possible in completely new markets and applications.

Check out their Video Channel on YouTube, especially the long list of videos already published about “Temperature Measurement”. It very straightforward; just go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/texasinstruments/search?query=%22temperature+measurement%22

TEMPSENS Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd

Tempsense LogoTEMPSENS Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd is a part of Pyrotech Group which was established by four technocrats in 1976 at Udaipur, with their first product as Thermocouples and RTDs.

They have focused ourselves for the supply of high quality Temperature sensors, related products accessories; services built to specific customer needs.

They have tied up with world leading makers in Temperature measuring technology for critical components, Non contact Temperature measurement, Thermal Imaging Solutions and Furnace Cameras etc.

They add value to these products and deliver complete engineered solutions, backed by efficient service and application support.

Today they have strong sales and service network operating from important locations of India. Continuing their constant endeavor of delivering solutions for temperature technology to their large base of over two thousand satisfied customers.

Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.
B-188 A, Road No. 5, MIA,
Madri Udaipur – 313 003 (Rajasthan)

Phone: 91-294-3057700
Fax : 91-294-3057750

Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. – Unit II
A-190, Road No. 5, MIA,
Madri Udaipur – 313 003 (Rajasthan)

Phone : 91-294-3052929 / 3052953
Fax : 91-294-3052950
E-mail : info@tempsens.com
Website: www.tempsens.com

1976 Pyrotech international Established, with first product being Thermocouple
1985 Established Tempsens “a dedicated facility for thermocouples and RTDs
1990 Expansion and tie up with European companies Ceramtec, B+B, ISOTECH
1992 Major breakthrough orders from Steel plants Visakhapatnam, Bokaro, TISCO, ESSAR etc
1994 Export of Thermocouple accessories to Germany. Awarded ISO 9002
1995 Tie up with ISOMIL Germany for MI Cables
1998 Tie up with IMPAC Germany for Non-contact Pyrometers Breakthrough in Glass Industry-Approval by International consultants
1999 Breakthrough in Steel Industry
2000 Tie up with IRISYS UK for Thermal Imagers
2003 Expansion of factory building, manufacturing of Temperature Calibration Equipments.
2004 Tie up with Young Kook Korea for Furnace monitoring camera
Tie up with HGH France for Kiln Shell Scanners
Started state-of-the-art calibration laboratory (NABL Accrediated)
2005 NABL Accredition for Calibration Lab upto 1500 º C
Tie up with Rossel Messtechnik GmbH, Germany
Export orders from Srilanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Germany, Netherlands etc.
2006 Rajeev Gandhi National Quality Award
Inhouse manufacturing of Calibration Equipments
2007 Expansion of Tempsens Production Capacity
Tempsens emerging as world supplier for European countries for temperature sensors & allied products.
2008 Tie up with Marathon Heaters
New Addition of Fixed point Cells in our Lab
Expansion of New Building Tempsens Unit II
Manufacturing of Compensating Cables.
2009 New facilities started – Tempsens Unit #II for manufacturing cables. A joint venture with Marathon heater Inc, USA for Industrial Heaters.
2010 Technical Collaboration with AST – Accurate Sensing Technologies (Israel) for Pyrometers.

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Thermalogic Corporation

Cost Effective Solutions For Temperature & Humidity Measurement & Control


Hudson MA, USA —  Thermalogic® Corporation began in 1971 as a supplier of rugged, encapsulated analog temperature control modules, which are still an ideal solution for numerous control situations. Their line of control/sensor designs and products has steadily expanded over the decades, providing cost effective solutions ranging from large multiple zone digital to tiny analog controls and extensive sensor capabilities tailored to exact job requirements.

Thermalogic® customers comprise a cross section of industry and business, including food processing and service, test equipment, fabrication machinery, rail transportation, cooling and heating equipment, semiconductor processing, agriculture, environmental treatment, and laboratory apparatus.

The full range of Thermalogic® service is performed in-house, including R&D, analysis of customer requirements, product design, manufacturing, quality control, and warranty maintenance.

Their products include: Read more Thermalogic Corporation

RTD Vendors

RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors)  are wire wound and thin film devices that depend on the temperature coefficient of electrical resistance of metals. As the temperature increases, the positive temperature coefficient of the metal produces an increasing resistance value.

You can read more about them and how they work on the companion RTD pages.

Some metals have a nearly ideal, linear coefficient, like platinum . While other materials have more non-linear coefficients, such a copper and nickel.

This page provides links to some of the vendors of these devices.

You may note some redundancy with links on related pages. A good part of that is due to the fact that some vendors supply more than one type of sensor, plus many provide technical, applications and related support to customers and prospective ones.

Reading vendors literature can be a great, but unstructured way, to gain some technical knowledge. The only danger is that it is hard to learn more than the vendor puts in their literature or what their salesperson knows.

That approach can be quite variable but certainly does not make it easy for you to evaluate products without benchmarks.

Some advice (non-definitive): check with more than one vendor and get some education about these sensors from other sources, too.

There are books and courses available. Check your local library’s technical section or a engineering or science library at a university or technical college or school or the ISA or someone on the ASTM E20 Committee on Temperature Measurement.

ASTM E20 has a special subcommittee devoted to just RTDs. You can find more about their RTD standards on the RTD Standards Page of this site.

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General Resources for Vendors

Some RTD Vendor Web Sites:

  1. Advanced Sensing Products (USA)
    A secondary standard PRT and precision RTD probe manufacturer. They make own RTD elements to completely control product quality. Provide NIST traceable calibration services with temperature ranging from -189 to 850°C. Customers are in metrology, instrumentation, power industry, turbine manufacturers and the military.
  2. ARi Industries(UK) Ltd home page
  3. Biodata: New Products (UK)
  4. Burns Engineering, Inc. (USA) designs and manufactures temperature products, for all industries and processes, with standard, custom, and Hazardous Location approved models. ISO-9001 Registered. ISO-17025 Accredited.(RTDs, Thermocouples, Engineered Sensors, Transmitters, Thermowells and Accredited Calibration Service)
  5. Conax Buffalo Technologies(USA)
    A leading manufacturer of temperature sensors including thermocouples and RTDs In Buffalo (where else?) New York.
  6. Ephy-Mess GmbH (Germany)
    Sensorik für thermischen Motorschutz, für die Verkehrstechnik, für den Anlagenbau und für Laboranwendungen: Pt-100, Pt-500, Pt-100, Wickelkopffühler auf Pt-100, Ni- und Cu- Basis.
  7. HL-Planar Technik(USA)
    US Office in Scottsdale Arizona–A leading supplier of Nickel and Copper RTDs
  8. JMS Southeast, Inc.
    In Statesville, North Carolina, USA
  9. Jumo Process Control RTD Sensors and a lot more-home page
  10. La Termotecnica (Italy)(Italiana and English)LA TERMOTECNICA e’ una societa’ Italiana, fondata nel 1976 e’ una tra le prime aziende italiane a produrre e progettare con tecnologia propria sonde a termocoppia e termoresistenza.
    LA TERMOTECNICA, an Italian company set up in 1976, is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production and design of temperature sensors based on proprietary thermocouple and RTD technology.
  11. M & Ma Sensorstech (USA & CHINA)
    A cooperative venture with Anhui Tiankang Co. Ltd. a measuring instrument design and manufacturing company. Their primary product lines are Resistance Temperature Detectors, thermocouples, temperature transmitters, compensating cable and complete sensor assemblies. They specialize in OEM and private labeled equipment due to their low cost, ISO-9000 approved manufacturing capabilities.
  12. Precon, Inc. (USA)
    RTDs, NTC Thermistors and Humidity Sensors available in standards or custom probes. Precon also designs and builds controllers and can provide turnkey sensing and control solutions
  13. Pyro Electric Inc. (USA & INDIA)A ‘Design to Engineer’ manufacturer of Thermocouples, RTDs and their assemblies, plus Temperature and Pressure gages. They have a track record as suppliers to Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and other process industries. They are ISO 9001:2000 certified along with ATEX 94/9/EC approved. Customers include Exxon Mobil, Petronas, Reliance, GAIL, L & T Ltd, and Samsung.
  14. RDF Corp.(USA)
    RDF in New Hampshire; well known for their unique flexible film sensors, too.
  15. The RTD & SPRT supplier listings on TempSensor.net (USA)
    The Free & Self Service Directories of Temperature & Moisture Sensor Resources
  16. RTD Company, (USA)
    Cambridge, Minnesota
  17. SDI (USA)
    Sensing Devices Inc., in Lancaster PA
  18. Smith Systems Inc (USA)
    Brevard, North Carolina, Standard and Custom Sensors for Speed, Motion and Temperature – Cabling and Controls
  19. STOLAB (USA)
    Accurate Industrial Thermometers
  20. Temp-pro inc.(USA)
    From Northampton, Massachusetts, where custom is part of Customer.
  21. Tempsens Instruments India
    An ISO 9001/2000 certified manufacturer of all types of RTDs, Thermocouples,Thermowells, Calibration Baths and associated accessories such as Connection Heads, Compensating Cable and Ceramic Tubes. They offer High Accuracy RTDs for general and special purposes. They are available in Class A, B, ½ , 1/3 , 1/5 DIN, 1/10 DIN with various sheath material such as SS304, 316, 310, Hastalloy,  Monel etc.
  22. THERMOCOUPLES & RTD’s (Zambia)
    Yes, Zambia in Africa
  23. Thermo-Electra b.v.(Netherlands)
    “Your partner in temperature sensors”-Industrial thermocouples RTDs and Thermowells
  24. Thermo-Kinetics (Canada)
    Manufacturing help from knowledgeable folks headquartered in Mississauga ONT with regional offices throughout the Provinces. where service is foremost!
  25. Weed Instruments(USA)
    Corporate Home Page From Texas
  26. Xian Diamond (China)
    Supply RTDs and assemblies mostly to OEMs.