Thermography Training

Training Program Providers For (IR) Thermographers

Infraspection' Institute's Distance Learning Program for Thermographers

The practice of Infrared Thermography has been recognized by The American Society for Non-destructive Testing, ASNT. They have defined skill levels, written a Handbook, administer skills testing and certify several skill levels of practitioners.

The actual training and refresher skills programs are provided by private training organizations. Some offer their own certifications, but the ones that appear to count to the companies that most utilize them are the ones that prepare individuals for the ASNT exams in the USA.

Listed below are most, if not all, of the companies that offer training programs in North America. If your organization belongs here, let us know to help us get you listed.

We especially seek training listing for countries outside North America since this web site has a wide international distribution. Our visitors come from more than 100 different countries.

  • The Academy of Infrared Training
    A global, independent educational institution devoted to Infrared Thermography training for more than 25 years. (See 2003 schedule below)
  • The Infrared Training Center
    (A part of FLIR with an principle mission of providing Infrared Training in the USA)

    Makes Area thermometers and thermal Imagers and trains users. Sign up for their email newsletter!
  • The Infraspection Institute
    The early pioneers in infrared thermography training. Headquartered in Burlington, NJ (near Philadelphia, PA).
  • The Institute of Infrared Thermography
    Infrared Training Ltd have delivered Infrared Thermography training courses in many locations across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. They are not affiliated with any camera manufacturer, yet offer quality training on all makes and models of infrared equipment. Our company focus is to continue to raise the standards within the field of Thermography by delivering high quality training based on ISO 18436 and ASNT SNT TC 1A standards.
  • JCDPublishing.
    A publisher of specialty books and training materials on Infrared cameras, computer software and thermal imaging applications headed by Gerry Holst, a well-known expert on thermal imaging technology in the IR community.
  • LETA-The Law Enforcement Thermographers Association
    A specialty organization for Law Enforcement Training in the proven uses of Thermal Imaging for Law Enforcement organizations throughout North America.
  • Monroe Infrared Technology
    Infrared Process Cameras, Security Systems, Software and Training Programs.
  • Safe-IR
    A specialty organization for Fire Department Personnel Training in the safe and beneficial uses of Thermal Imaging in firefighting.
  • The Snell Group
    A widely known Infrared Thermography training organization that also provides training for Electrical Motor Inspectors..