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New references for high temperature measurements

As a culmination of an eight-year research programme an international collaboration has developed robust reference fixed points, studied their sensitivity to impurities and external conditions and finally measured their melting transition temperature.

This talk describes how 100+ measurements made by nine different NMIs have been combined to assign low-uncertainty thermodynamic temperatures to the melting transition of Re-C, Pt-C and Co-C metal-carbon eutectics.

At the simplest level, these fixed-points will provide new temperature references for the calibration of pyrometers at temperatures above the freezing point of silver (1234.93 K) and will thus reduce the uncertainties associated with high temperature measurement compared to those achievable using the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90).

The thermodynamic temperatures of these fixed-points have been determined through direct measurement of the radiance of a blackbody cavity surrounded by the fixed-point material from Planck’s law and hence the Boltzmann Constant. The evolving mise en pratique for the definition of the kelvin encourages the realisation and dissemination of thermodynamic temperature.

This may be directly – and the work described in this talk shows that filter radiometry is sufficiently mature for this, or it may be by providing fixed-points with reference thermodynamic temperatures that have associated uncertainties – and this talk will outline such temperatures.
Innovations in High Temperature Measurement

A 49 minute review of the present technical status of High Temperature measurement by one of the leaders in temperature Metrology at NPL in the UK.

Presented by Dr. Graham Machin, NPL (Recorded July 2011)

Recent and unfolding innovations in this area promise step change improvements throughout the measurement chain; from realisation of temperature above 1300 K in National Measurement Institutes, dissemination of the scale to calibration laboratories, down to the practice of industrial high temperature thermometry.


More details:

NPL is leading improvements in all these areas, and these will be discussed in this presentation.
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Created: 18 Jul 2011

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