Thermocouple 101

The Analog Devices’ 8 Video Series on Thermocouples

This informative, basic series of brief videos on YouTube and linked on the AD website seems to lack an index. Below there is an approximation to what we believe the staff at AD intended followed by a series of 8 pages, one for each video on


  1. Thermocouple 101: What is a Thermocouple?
  2. Thermocouple 101: Measuring the Tiny Signal
  3. Thermocouple 101: Cold Junction Compensation
  4. Thermocouple 101: Setting the Common Mode Voltage
  5. Thermocouple 101: Open Thermocouple Detection
  6. Thermocouple 101: Filtering a Thermocouple
  7. Thermocouple 101: Thermocouple Nonlinearity
  8. Thermocouple 101: Compensating for Nonlinearity

What is a Thermocouple?

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