Thermalogic Corporation

Cost Effective Solutions For Temperature & Humidity Measurement & Control


Hudson MA, USA —  Thermalogic® Corporation began in 1971 as a supplier of rugged, encapsulated analog temperature control modules, which are still an ideal solution for numerous control situations. Their line of control/sensor designs and products has steadily expanded over the decades, providing cost effective solutions ranging from large multiple zone digital to tiny analog controls and extensive sensor capabilities tailored to exact job requirements.

Thermalogic® customers comprise a cross section of industry and business, including food processing and service, test equipment, fabrication machinery, rail transportation, cooling and heating equipment, semiconductor processing, agriculture, environmental treatment, and laboratory apparatus.

The full range of Thermalogic® service is performed in-house, including R&D, analysis of customer requirements, product design, manufacturing, quality control, and warranty maintenance.

Their products include:

Control Products

TempGuard® Analog: An extensive line of non-indicating, rugged analog controls from single zone to Multiple zone controls.

TempGuard® Digital: Non-Indicating microcontroller based controls for more complex applications where more elaborate computing power is required.

DigiTherm®: Indicating microcontroller based 1/8 DIN and 1/16 DIN controls where a visual indication is necessary.

Master Series®: Elaborate multi-zone microcontroller based controls for demanding applications where many parameters and application specific processes may be controlled simultaneously in a single package.

Sensor and Transmitter Products

Temperature Sensors: Built to order RTD, thermistor, and thermocouple probe assemblies.

HumiSense®: Relative humidity transmitters, both analog and digital.

SureSignal®: Temperature and humidity signal conditioners and transmitters fit for industrial use.

Thermalogic® Corporation
22 Kane Industrial Dr.
Hudson MA 01749 USA

Toll Free in North America: 1-800-343-4492
Fax: 1-978-562-6753

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