FREE 46 Hour HVAC Video Course

A FREE Online Course from NPTEL:  Lectures by Prof.M.Ramgopal,  Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India

Note: The links at NPTEL have changed as have those at YouTube for this and many other courses. They are all apparently still available on YouTube. So, the YouTube links have been added where possible.

If you need to find the links, use the YouTube search engine to put in the course title or lecturer. (It’s a pretty painless way to go since Google owns YouTube)

On YouTube:

Lectures in this course: 46

Lecture 1 – History of Refrigeration

YouTube – 166,125 views

Lecture -3 Applications of RTAC

YouTube – 23,840 views

Lecture -4 Review of Fundamentals

YouTube – 31,455 views

Lecture – 5 Review of Fundamentals

YouTube – 27,862 views

Lecture -6 Fundamentals of Fluid Flow

YouTube – 30.396 views