Radiation Thermometer Vendors

Infrared (IR) Radiation Thermometer Vendors

Here’s a partial list of some of the vendors of Infrared Radiation Thermometers, including spot, line-measuring (Line Scanners) and area-measuring devices (Quantitative Thermal Imagers) and related services such as calibration and user training.

It is incomplete, we know. It does cover most of the prominent companies involved in the market and provides at least a starting point.

If you need or want to look elsewhere,there are always the various supplier directories not the least of which is Global Spec on the Web and the various directories at The ISA with its Directory of Instrumentation and Sensors Magazine, for instance.

Why do we include makers of Thermal Imagers along with IR Infrared Radiation Thermometers?

A good question; one that is often asked. The reason, we think, is really almost apparent. Most of the Thermal Imager makers have instruments that report results in terms of temperature. That’s it.

Quantitative Thermal ImagersĀ  are area-measuring temperature sensors-whether highly accurate or inaccurate. Accuracy is not the main criteria in many cases, the visual function to be able to see in the dark or discriminate visually between a higher and lower temperature area is.

The highlighted sites below have more useful technical information than is normally expected. Those sites are much more than an on-line catalog.