Fiber Optic Thermometer Vendors

Vendors of contact types

There are a wide number of devices that utilize fiber optics to aid in measuring temperature. Most are actually slight variation of radiation thermometers, but not all, some depend upon contact with the object of measurement.

Most all depend upon a temperature sensing component being placed on the tip of the fiber optic’s “free end”. The other end is attached to a measuring system that collects the desired radiation and processes it into a temperature value.

Like a lot of things there are some notable exceptions: the bulk fiber optic sensors which measure the temperature of the fiber along its length and produce either an average temperature or some measure of the temperature distribution along the length of the fiber.

  • LumaSense Technology Inc. that includes the former Luxtron Corp, who started it all and Mikron Instruments.
  • Nortech with unique and special devices for medical and other uses.

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