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There is a business side to Temperatures.com, Inc. that developed in 2001. It was started by a few inquiries about advertising on the site in late 2000. It includes a corporation formed in August 2001 and several aspects of temperature sensors, their markets and uses in industry that can be offered and, in many cases also delivered, over the Internet. Here we list the current offerings. There will very likely be many more to follow:

  • The Temperature Sensor News & Community web site- See description below.
  • MeasurementDevices - A newer version of the website started in 1998 and allowed to mellow while we grew "About Temperature Sensors" and started TempSensor.net. It is now a full scale website, not quite as polished a TempSensor, but in the same vein. It will eventually cover all the other measurement devices used in industry, commerce, engineering, medicine and science. It already has many of the features carried by TempSensor. Read below for details.
  • Advertising on our websites. It's easy, and reasonable using Paypal and email!
  • Consulting - The business of maintaining and expanding our websites has grown so large and so much fun, that there is little time left for consulting. We have therefore decided to limit our offerings in the consulting area. If you have a significant measurement problem, especially with temperature sensors, please send in your information. We will consider it and, if unable to provide services ourselves, will refer you to others who may help. We still have lots of contacts in the business and many good friends who do consult.

In addition to daily news stories of interest about temperature sensor developments, the business and technologies, The Temperature Sensor News &  Community website, www.tempsensor.net has unique features enabling all interested individuals to enter information and reviews of products and services.

The RSS newsfeed features on both sites are available for use on your RSS-enabled browsers on placement on your websites to provide more value for your visitors.

MeasurementDevices is built along the same lines, but is not quite as fully developed as TempSensor.net.

A recent expansion to both sites is the addition of technical resource links mostly in the form of online technical articles, applications notes and related specialty information. We are constantly searching the Web for such useful stuff and adding it to our searchable, free access databases.

If you know of some that we missed, or if you believe that your organization has something worth sharing with the rest of the world, submit it, please. We do not mind having 20 different versions of something in our database on a similar subject. It provides a richer resource to have several different approaches to the same subject that people can then evaluate for themselves.

We think one way to gain information is to share results openly. The review area is not intended as a gripe area. The intent is to collect in one open and freely accessible location, manufacturers product details plus results of careful tests by apparently serious users. All entries are reviewed prior to publication on the Internet. In addition, an open forum message board has been established to allow users and manufacturers to discuss related issues and findings.

In addition to user reviews, the Community website also has a self-service facility for manufacturers to add their own corporate liting as well as details of new product and personnel news. Again, these inputs are reviewed for appropriateness and overzealousness. We have a hungry news machine to feed and all inputs are considered for publication. Please, use the Roman alphabet for inputs only.

We are seeking partners who can help with other languages and language scripts such as Arabic, Chinese, Crylic, Greek, Japanese and others. Let us know, if you wish to syndicate our news and content in other language venues.

The bottom line: news directories, reviews and resource listings should make a visit to both sites interesting times. If you register, you will be able to access even more, like special downloads, summary site stats. Join the nearly 1000 others who belong!



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