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These are the banner ad options: for

  6. and

We accept jpg, png or gif files. First, banner ads and text ads with links to your preferred website page are accepted in jpg, png or gif formats. There are five sizes that all use ad rotators for nominal banner sizes up to 728 x 90

Text ads are considered graphic ads containing only text in the equivalent space as a graphic banner ad.

The larger banner ads cannot exceed 91 pixels in height and 731 pixels in width. File sizes are limited to no more than 60 Kb, proportionally less for smaller area ads.

We will run swf (Flash ads), but contact us directly at for pricing and special concerns. (They will not show, for example, on iPhone and iPad devices)
Animated gif (and swf) must not change too rapidly; we believe that 5 seconds or longer dwell times are less intrusive than most.

We do not accept ads of generally questionable interest such as gambling, get rich quick schemes, porn and pharmaceuticals. Plus, we reserve the right to not accept an ad without qualification, if we believe it to be inappropriate for our websites.

Our banner ads are placed in banner rotators, up to four different ones on a site. The ads appear on every page on the above sites (each site choice you make is for ads showing on that site only) and there may be more than one ad in the rotation at any time, but no more than five at the present time. Exclusive page placements may be arranged for In-Content banner ads. Contact us directly for arrangements and pricing.

Rotating banner ads are counted for impressions only when they are viewed. They are then counted again when clicked.

These two tallies are maintained separately and each advertiser or his agent may have a unique login and ID on out sites enabling them to view the cumulative ad impression and click status at any time

Small Sidebar ads (125 x 125), Long ads (468 x 60 and 728 x 90 ) and wider Sidebar ads (250 x 125 & 250 x 250) are priced only by length of time on display, either one, three, six or 12 months.

Finally. Remember please there is an option to pay for an order on PayPal using a credit card. However, we discount all ad prices by 5% for those that pay by check. Ads from overseas locations may be paid by International Bank Transfer. Contact us directly for details.

TEXT Ad In Sidebar on Home Page

Price $150 USD for One Year

Ad Text
Link URL:


125 x 125

125 x125
Send link & graphic to us


125 x 125 Below The Fold

125 x125 Below Fold
Send link & graphic to us


250 x 125

250 x 125
Send link & graphic to us!


250 x 125 Below The Fold

250 x 125 Below Fold
Send link & graphic to us!


250 x 250

250 x 250
Send link & graphic to us!


250 x 250 Below The Fold

250 x 250 Below Fold
Send link & graphic to us!


468 x 60

468 x 60
Send link & graphic to us!


468 x 60 Below the Fold

468 x 60 Below Fold
Send link & graphic to us!


728 x 90

729 x 90
Send link & graphic to us!
Desired Listing Text


728 x 90 Below The Fold

729 x 90 Below Fold
Send link & graphic to us!
Desired Listing Text

Remember, please, to do more than to pay for an order on PayPal.

Email your graphic with link instructions to:

Specifically tell us on which website you wish you ad to displayed as the first priority and a backup option site, too (we are prone to provide freebie ad placement on some of our other sites for a regular paying advertiser rather than an generic google or other affiliate link).


snail mail a copy of your ad graphic to us on a dvd or cd or small flash drive at:

MeasurementMedia Division, Inc.
352 Second Street Pike
Southampton PA, 18966 USA

If you have any questions, Contact:

Ad Sales Phone:+1 215-436-9730

Other terms:
One may order directly online on this webpage: using PayPal.
Alternately, we accept Purchase Orders from credit-approved clients and checks along with orders at the mailing address above.
All payments are in advance and discounts apply only to orders prepaid for the advertising period selected.

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