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We accept orders for banner and small spot and text ads on our measurement vortal sites, this one, About Temperature Sensors, TempSensor.net, The Temperature Sensor Directories TempSensorNEWS.com, The Temperature Sensor NEWS site and our Measurements sites, Measurement Devices, Measurement DataBases, Measurement Media, and Measurement Blog

We are also willing and able to work with your organization to create an efficient and convenient exposure of our visitors to your unique content and news. Contact us by email or snail mail (addresses below) if you have questions.

Why advertise on websites?

Why advertise on one of our websites in addition to Google or Yahoo?

Why, or why not, have your own website?

What we offer and how you can reserve space or featured listings

Banner Ads

We offer banner ads on all sites. TempSensor.net, TempSensorNEWS.com and our Measurement sites are the easiest to describe and the easiest to set up. These sites feature a Top-of Page Banner rotator that can accept up to a 468x60 banner ad.

We will accept smaller, but no dimension should exceed the two values above for Width x Height. There can be anywhere from 2 to 10 banner ads in the rotator at any one time.

They are shown in succession as pages are served by our website server. The fewer ads in the rotator, the more often your ad appears.

We prefer tasteful ads, but taste is in the eye of the beholder. Animated ads are acceptable if not distracting. We believe that the minimum change in image and/or text should be about 5 seconds.

We won't refuse an ad at 4.9 seconds, but we will certainly not accept one that flashes 10 times per second.

Formats are accepted in .gif, .jpg and .swf. We can host the ad on our server or fetch it from your website. You tell us your preference.

One benefit if we host the graphic, is that your ad appears even if your server is slow or, hopefully never..but sometimes..down.

There is a maximum file size limit we impose of about 30KB. That keeps our sites from bogging down a visitor's browser with an exceptionally large graphic being downloaded.

The present prices for ads (Dec 2008) on either site is based on either purchased ClickThus or the number of Impressions purchased or for a defined period of time. The charge are:
US$1000.00 per 1,000 ClickThrus (or $50.00 per 100 CTs, clicks on your ad) or
US$60.00 per 1,000 Impressions. (Your ad shown to webpage visitors).

The minimum we accept for an order is either 500 Clickthrus or 5,000 impressions, (that is US$500.00 or US$300, at present rates) whichever you prefer. Please place your minimum order using the appropriate, secure PayPal buttons below. (FYI, PayPal accepts most major credit cards and the American Express Card in a wide range of currencies). Alternately, send your check or approved corporate US or Canadian Purchase Order (overseas corporate purchase orders not accepted) and instructions to:

Temperatures.com, Inc.
472 Second Street Pike#202
Southampton, PA 18966
Attention:Advertising Dept.

If you have questions or comments, please use our Feedback & Contact Page.

NOTE: We need your contact name and email address, an electronic copy of the ad, or web link address, and the destination web address where ClickThrus are to be directed.

NOTE (2): We also offer the same advertising capability at lower rates for larger quantity commitments, of course. Contact us for details. There are cumulative discounts and you may still earn them if you extend an order after starting with a minimum quantity, as long as you commit prior to the current order being complete.

So, here is a good way to try our services and see for yourself the advantage of focused banner ads on our websites. We are not your competition. We are Guides to Measurement and Measurement Devices on the Web!

PayPal - Secure Online Minimum Ad Ordering
Website TempSensor.net MeasurementDevices
100 or More ClickThrus
10K or More Impressions

We also offer spot banner ads on all websites. The pricing there is a little more complex, but not difficult. The ad options start at less than US$100 per month. Contact us by email or snail mail for our current price list, media specifications and requirements. Ad space on premium pages like the home page at Temperatures.com is limited to first come, first served. We have lots of space on our directory pages with relaxed rates to fit almost every budget.

Enhanced Listing

Our lowest cost advertising is an enhanced listing, that is a bold face font used to highlight your company listing on our page, usually a vendor page. In addition you can specify the text, up to two lines, subject to our approval. The charge is a very reasonable US$250 per year.

You can order and pay right here using a secure PayPal link and a credit card. PayPal accepts payments in a number of currencies such as Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen and more.

Otherwise you can pay by check. Make the check payable to Temperatures.com, Inc. and send to our mailing address below.

Please remember to include or send to us by email or mail the preferred listing text and URL plus a contact name and email address or telephone number so we can communicate with you, if necessary. If you wish a listing in a language other than English, we will double the number of lines for your listing, if you provide an English translation along with your preferred language text.



Featured Product Listing

The next option is a bold face Featured Product listing at the top of the vendors list on a given vendors page. That is limited to a maximum of five vendors on any one page and includes up to three lines of bold face, mutually agreed text. The cost is a reasonable US$199 per three months, payable in advance each quarter. Click on the secure PayPal link button below to use a credit card. PayPal accepts payments in many currencies. Otherwise you can send a check made payable to Temperatures.com, Inc. to our mailing address further down this page. If you wish a listing in a language other than English, we will double the number of lines for your listing, if you provide an English translation along with your preferred language text.




If you've read this far you must be interested in the next step. Contact us by snail mail or email to and request a copy of our Media Spec & Price Kit.


Ray Peacock
Temperatures.com, Inc.
472 Second Street Pike#202
Southampton, PA 18966-3836

P.S. Interested in a listing on our vendor directories. It's unique self service and free at TempSensor.net and MeasurementDevices with no hidden traps.

We also accept news releases, new product and service information, applications and other success stories as well as information on professional and technical meetings, new books and papers of interest and Calls For Papers. See the sites for details

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The Spectropyrometer from FAR Associates

Now you can have daily updated temperature sensor news on, or from www.TempSensorNEWS.com
1. by visiting www.TempSensorNEWS regularly,
2. adding the RSS XML newsfeed to your RSS-enabled Browser or to your own web page or,
3. adding a JavaScript (JS) newsfeed version to your own web page (Contact us for details).

You could even have a temperatures.com web address like, for example, BobsBestThermometers.temperatures.com.
Again, contact us for details.



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