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If you know of a resource or support organization that should be listed here or can recommend a link to us to add, please do so. Use the “SUBMIT” button at the top of every page, or just add your thoughts in a comment box at the end of any page with a comment box at the bottom.

You will get credit for your information as a byline on any published article comment that results, plus you’ll be doing a good turn for our other visitors.

Suppliers or Vendor Listings

You may suggest a new listing on one or more of our vendor pages, but we charge a small annual fee for that since it is commercial. It also helps us pay the costs to to maintain & improve this website. The basic charge is $45/year.

If you are an advertiser on one of our regular advertising programs, there is no charge for a listing.

You receive up to a three line description of your organization’s products and/or services in return for your payment, subject to our edit.

We may also refuse a suggestion or specific words, if it or they seem inappropriate.

We also offer Enhanced vendor listings, all in bold face type for an extra fee.

In addition, we offer up to three Featured Vendor Spots (all in highlighted text) at the top of each product page of vendor listings on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Existing vendor listings will be automatically grandfathered in on this site for the foreseeable future. Some have already paid a fee, some have not.

Listings may be purchased online using one of several different types of popular (at least in the USA) credit cards on PalPal. The links below make it easy.

We will make payment arrangements for our overseas visitors and friends who also wish listings but are unable to use PayPal. Contact us, please, via email (shown below).

Also, visit our news website, and see headlines automatically posted on our twitter page (

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Contact us at info (at) if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please.

Featured Vendor Spots

We also offer small, low cost featured vendor ads on some of the topic pages; they cost more and are described on our forthcoming “ADVERTISE” Page. In the meanwhile, if you wish to advertise here send an email to to inquire (enquire?).

That page will also show the other advertising options available to organizations that wish their products or services featured more prominently.

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4 comments on “Add Link

  1. I know that Burns Engineering has been a competent and respected supplier of RTDs and other temperature sensors for many years. Like all who are more than just “vendors”, Burns takes an active role in helping write and maintain the key standards for temperature sensors through active membership in ASTM International’s Committee E20 On Temperature Measurement as well as helping educate users in getting the best measurements practical.

  2. Burns Engineering offers FREE Temperature Training via On-Line Web Sessions and YouTube. These training sessions are pure training with NO promotion of Burns products or services.

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