The Founder, G. Raymond Peacock, and The Site’s History

Ray PeacockThis website, (About Temperature & Moisture  Sensors), grew out of a perceived need for more educational information on temperature sensors and their uses in order to supplement the Industrial Temperature Measurement course that Ray Peacock taught for The ISA, (then the “International Systems and Automation Society” previously, the “Instrument Society of America” and now the “International Society of Automation“), in the 1980s and 1990s.

“Frankly,” he says, “The two-day time slot for the program was sufficient to cover only the key properties of three types of temperature sensors and there are many, other sensor types plus lots of technical details that bear on obtaining successful measurements in the ‘real worlds’ of Industry, Commerce & Science.”

“In fact,” he continues, ” The applications areas are the most fascinating and nearly endless  once you begin to look more closely. Yet, they are the places that show the utility and advantages of one sensor over another in many cases.”

“In my opinion, it’s also a lot like the ‘Case Study’  method used at some Law Schools;  successful uses are the foundations for further successes since there are so many analogous situations that arise in practice,” he adds.

The addition of Moisture Sensors into the site began almost immediately, but was not recognised as being important to the title and keywords of the site until 2012 when Google, in one of the auto-updates changed their computer selection code and auto-downrated the site, evidently for having too much content on the same subject.

Yes, there are duplicate pages on the site and there will probably always be. The same, original, distinctive HTML pages that were the site’s mainstay in the years before Open Source Content Management Software (CMS) are here beside the newer CMS site.

They have been and will be  kept due to the fact that many who seek this type of information are in countries that do not have high-speed Internet access.

Engineers, scientists and students from more than 130 countries visit this site regularly and while they do not buy many products advertised here, they seek the information that we have, A modern CMS would not enable some of them access.

We believe it is better to help others than to have a top Google Search Ranking. Many other Directories and search engines provide the site enough visibility for people everywhere to find us.

The original form of this website has more than 300 pages and is still online, just click here.

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