Temperatures.com, Inc.
352 Second Street Pike#202
Southampton PA, 18966 USA

Tel: +1 215-436-9730
Email: info [at] Temperatures [dot] com

More About Temperatures.com

Founded in 2001, the company began as a temperature sensor and applications consulting company with the website, About Temperature Sensors (www.temperatures.com)

I had started the original website in 1996 as an adjunct to courses that I taught on Temperature Measurement for theThe International Society of Automation (ISA- nee: The Instrument Society of America) in the USA. I bought the url “temperatures.com” in 1997. Over the next few years the Web grew and so did the website, joined in 2002 by TempSensor.net as an adjunct news and directory website.

The news and directory features of TempSensor.net grew apart.

In 2006 the news function was turned over to TempSensorNEWS.com as a free, open, news only website with free access to anyone wishing to post a news story. They are, of course reviewed (vetted) and submissions may not be published as entered or published at all.

TempSensor.net now looks very different, since its open directory layout has been brought to the front page.

Visitors may submit their company information for free listing (or revisions) and we urge those website owners with tutorials and white papers buried on their websites to submit them, especially if they provide applications, technology or other help to potential temperature or moisture sensor users.

We think of it as a win-win-win opportunity!

Submitters win, because their hard work gets listed on the most popular web directory and it is easier for a searcher to find. Unfortunately the Web Search engines don’t get the deep technical info easily unless it is listed in a focused, searchable directory.

(Do you recall how Yahoo started? That’s how our flagship website About Temperature Sensors got and keeps such high listings there and elsewhere on the Web; it was in their directory more than 11 years ago)

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    we have required wake frequency calculation of 2016. please let me know if you are providing such service.

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