Temperatures.com, Inc. is the organization formed in August 2001 to support the growing business created by the web site About Temperature Sensors and to develop and maintain the web site and related activities, such as the The Temp& Moisture Directories website.

The latter was created in mid-2002 to provide direct involvement of temperature sensor makers and sellers (vendors) and serious users through an open content format.

On that site, vendors can list their organization, products and related news by themselves subject only to a simple review and edit for excess hype and simple language rules (no inappropriate language, no language you would not teach your young children and exclusive use of the third person-e.g. “they” instead of “we”).

We are confident that our approach is working well since our email continues to increase and site visitor rate and related statistics continue to grow.

Our Goals

  1. The aim of our organization is to assist scientists, engineers, technologists and students to learn to effectively select and use measurement devices, specifically temperature & moisture sensors, through this dedicated Web site’s pages.
  2. To provide objective Web access to the suppliers of temperature sensors, books and calibration and training services via the Vendor links on this and our free, self-service, Temp & Moisture Sensor Directories web site.
  3. To provide a medium for free, self-posting of new sensor and applications news at TempSensorNEWS.com.
  4. To provide a free archive of successful uses of non-contact temperature sensors and thermal imagers at IRApps.com.
  5. To develop and publish similar resources on other measurements in Industry & Science, such as MeasurementDevices, MeasurementMedia and Measurement Databases.

You can tell your application stories at The Temp & Moisture Sensors Directories website: www.TempSensor.net

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  1. Great!. We can add you to our listings here, but there’s a charge. See the menu at the top of every page for details.

  2. Hello,

    We manufacture thermocouples, RTD’s, and thermistors and sell instrumentation and controls for temperature, pressure, level, flow, pH, RH, flame and gas detection and heaters for almost any application. We also carry chart recorders and chart paper and pens as well as paperless recorders, data loggers, pumps, valves, and motors, and industrial oils, solvents, and lubricants.

    Thank you,

    Wayne Cooke Jr.

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