About Temperature Sensors is a unique, free internet information/education Web site aimed directly at Engineers, Scientists, Technicians and Students to help them learn about temperature & moisture sensors and how to effectively use them.

More specifically, it is to help them best use such sensors in applications, to enable them to easily find sensor technical and application details and communicate easily with vendors.

The approach taken is to locate, describe and organize existing Web-based information in an easy-to-access framework.

When other links are found that are appropriate to our audience, they are added then to the permanent or  links pages.
If you’ve got something you think should be here but isn’t, let us know , please. We know that we don’t know it all!!

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About Temperature Sensors is basically an educational web resource for students at every level because the available material covers concepts ranging from the simplest ones in engineering and heat and thermodynamics through advanced applications involving complex physics and mathematics.

This breadth and depth of coverage is possible only through a Web or computer-based presentation using hyperlinks. Such an approach is not widely available in an ordinary publication nor is it yet provided in most school and university curricula.

Although we have found several Web resources in our travels, like Hyper Physics, that make very good use of Web methods with results freely available over the Web, not all information is as complete or focused as we think we have compiled here.

Thsi has worked very well as evidenced by our very high listing on Google searches for terms like “Temperature Sensors”, “Thermocouples”, “RTDs” , “Radiation Thermometers” and “Thermal imaging training”.

Even the best search engines provide only a smattering of the useful information on technical subjects like this. Plus Encyclopedia articles seem very limited in scope; even Wikipedia seems to be limited on such topics to the most esoteric and incomplete descriptions.

Providing useful, organized information still requires the touch of one or more specialists in that discipline.

The access to free, detailed technical material on the Web is amazing and promises to enable this to continue as long as the Web includes so many free and open resources.

This Web site has been developed by an Industrial Physicist with many years of temperature measurement and temperature sensor application and marketing experience who has taught at university and secondary school levels and who considers himself a life-long student.

His profile and a short history of the site are provided on a companion page.

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Thanks for visiting.

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