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About Us


About Temperature Sensors is a unique, free internet information/education Web site aimed directly at Engineers, Scientists, Technicians and Students to help them learn about temperature sensors and how to effectively use them. More specifically, it is to help them best use temperature sensors in applications, to enable them to easily find temperature sensor technical and application details and communicate easily with vendors.

The approach taken is to locate, describe and organize existing web-based information in an easy-to-access framework. When we find other links that would seem appropriate to our audience, we add then also to our links pages.

About Temperature Sensors is mainly an educational web resource for
students at every level because the available material covers concepts ranging from the simplest ones in engineering and heat and thermodynamics through advanced applications involving complex physics and mathematics.

This breadth and depth of coverage is possible only through a Web or computer-based presentation using hyperlinks. Such an approach is not widely availible in an ordinary publication nor is it yet provided in most school and university curricula. Although we have found several Web resources in our travels, like Hyper Physics, that make very good use of Web methods and the results are freely available over the Web.

The access to free, detailed technical material on the Web is amazing and promises to enable this to continue as long as the Web includes such resources.

This Web site has been developed by an Industrial Physicist with many years of temperature measurement and temperature sensor application and marketing experience who has taught at university and secondary school levels and who considers himself a life-long student. His profile is provided on a companion page.

Temperatures.com, Inc. is the organization formed in August 2001 to support the growing business created by the web site About Temperature Sensors and to develop and maintain the web site and related activities, such as the The Temperature Community website. The latter was created in mid-2002 to provide direct involvement of temperature sensor makers and sellers (vendors) and serious users through an open content format.

On that site, vendors can list their organization, products and related news by themselves subject only to a simple review and edit for excess hype and simple language rules (no inappropriate language, no language you would not teach your young children and exclusive use of the third person-e.g. "they" instead of "we"). Suppliers do this at the risk of a review (favorable or otherwise) and/or comments by one or more users.

We are confident that our approach is working well since our email never seems to decrease and site visitor rate and related statistics continues to grow. We are consistently listed on the first page of both Google, Yahoo and many other Internet search engines, for non-advertisers, when searching for temperature sensors and related information. Even our relatively new Temperature Community site has garnered the Number Two spot on Yahoo for more than a year now, right behind About Temperature Sensors.

Our Goals

  1. The aim of our organization is to assist scientists, engineers, technologists and students to learn to effectively select and use measurement devices, specifically temperature sensors, through the dedicated Web site's pages, consulting services and available training programs.
  2. To provide objective Web access to the suppliers of temperature sensors, books and calibration and training services via the Vendor links on this and a new, Temperature Sensor Community web site.

    Note that the community site enables vendors to list themselves and their products and news. More than a vendor listing, however, it also enables users to comment on vendor inputs and publish reviews of products, services and other resources that they believe could benefit their peers. Think of it as something like an "Angie's List" for temperature sensors and related products and services!

    It is the support of suppliers through advertising and availablitity of free technical information on their web sites that make it possible to continue this site as a free resource for you. It is the feedback from the users themselves that makes outstanding suppliers noticed and rewarded for excellent products and customer services!

  3. To actively promote the interchange of information among researchers, developers and users of temperature sensors through participation in related professional societies such as AISE, ISA, OSA and SPIE. Key activities of these and other professional organizations are reported through the Web site, through such features as calls for papers and meeting announcements. We tried a Newsletter entitled TemperatureSensorNews ,published monthly for a few years, providing reports and reviews of new products, It has been replaced by the Temperature Community website (www. TempSensor.net) that has daily news updates and an RSS (XML) newsfeed so that people can get the latest news without logging on to the site. Those who register on the site (registration is free with no strings attached) are able to access AvantGo to keep up with the news as well as access website stats and downloads, submit news and suggest websites to be added. (Back issues of the Newsletter are archived on its own web site.)
  4. To support the development, and promote the awareness of temperature sensor standards, measurement standards and education through such technical groups as ASTM, ASNT, ASQC, CORM and NCSL. Most of the North American Temperature Sensor and some overseas standards are already listed on the Standards pages of the web site.

  5. To be the preferred online resource for those wishing to make competent temperature measurements, that is, measurements with traceable calibration, acceptable uncertainties and quantified confidence levels. As one knows, or will learn, measurements without such qualifications are dubious and of little value in any effort to truely understand their significance.



Tell your new product and application stories at The Temperature Community website: www.tempsensor.net or feedback to us and we'll consider adding it here with your byline!

Thanks for visiting. 
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