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Press Release: August 30, 2001, inc
8934 Brecksville Road Suite 419
Brecksville, OH 44141
Ph: 440-526-7927


G. Raymond Peacock named President of, inc.

G. Raymond Peacock has been named President of Brecksville, Ohio, based, inc., a new company providing temperature sensor consulting, marketing and training services to industrial organizations., inc. also operates a unique Web site, "About Temperature Sensors", a free Internet Web Guide and educational site with news and sensor directory services. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the company is that consulting and training services can be provided either over the Internet or in person.

Mr. Peacock, former Senior Staff Engineer at LTV Steel Company's Technology Center, is known internationally as an expert in Infrared Non-contact temperature sensors. He has considerable experience in Steel, Glass, Ceramics and other industrial and research uses of them. While at LTV Steel, he pioneered the measurement solutions for several process problems and is noted for achieving a reliable measurement of steel strip undergoing Galvannealing. For that accomplishment, he was recognized with the LTV Technology Center's General Manager's Award in 1992.

His background in other temperature sensors is also extensive. He is additionally the developer and principal instructor for The Instrument Society of America's (ISA) course on Industrial Temperature Measurement.

In 1996 he began a spare time effort to put temperature sensor material on the World Wide Web to encourage and support further education of students and engineers in a readily accessible way. In 1997 he acquired the distinctive Web address,, and began adding more information to it as time permitted. With help and advice from two of his sons, who are Web professionals, the site has become the Internet's leading Web site on temperature sensors. It has grown from 30,000 page hits per month to more than 50,000 hits per month, in the past year alone. The site brings visitors from more than 80 countries around the world. Interest from sensor vendors in advertising on the site developed along with the visitor activity. There's not a day that goes by without several new organizations requesting to be listed in one or more of the site's vendor directories.

He comments, "The Internet also has enabled students and people all over the world with temperature measurement questions to reach us and for me to respond, especially to students. A free access policy continues on our Web site. It's a site with no fees or registration in the Internet's tradition of sharing. We've added features that provide extras for industry now, like directories, a news page and an email newsletter called 'TemperatureSensorNews'. There are special subscription services in development aimed at corporations. These will include continuing education on temperature sensors and uses for plant staffs and engineers.

"I turned down many consulting queries from organizations via the Web site while on the LTV staff, but no longer. We are promoting our unique capabilities along with the ability to communicate technical solutions to real world temperature sensor problems via the Internet. If the project requires it, we'll make site visits."

Before joining LTV Steel Company in 1989, Mr. Peacock, an Industrial Physicist, was Vice President of Land Instruments, Inc., the USA subsidiary of Land Instruments International Ltd (formerly Land Pyrometers Ltd) of Sheffield, England. He was the third employee of the US company. In successive positions as Marketing Manager, Engineering Manager and General Manager he helped develop it into one of the leading North American suppliers of Infrared Radiation Thermometers, NIST-traceable Calibration Services and supplier of research and industrial Combustion and Gas Temperature Sensors. The company spun off Land Combustion during his tenure in the 1980s. The two organizations were recently re-combined as Land Instruments International, Inc in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

His professional activities include chair of ASTM's subcommittee E-20 on Radiation Thermometry and a 20-year membership in AISE, The Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, where he has published several steel mill articles on Pyrometry in Steel processes. He is a Senior Member of The ISA, past Program Developer, Session Developer and author and was founding Director of ISA's Glass and Ceramics Industries Division. He is also a member of The Optical Society of America and the Optical Engineering Society, SPIE. In April 2000 he was presented The Andronicos G. Kantsios Award for the outstanding paper of the SPIE Thermosense XXII Conference on Thermal Sensing. That paper described the theory underlying Infrared detection of Slag in Steel pouring streams, pointing out for the first time, the practical and theoretical advantages of near infrared imaging systems in such an application.

He has created or improved many measurement solutions to other industrial process problems in the areas of: Continuous Casters, Heat Retention Panels, Reheat Furnaces, Hot Strip Mills, on-line calibration verification methods, Continuous Anneal lines, Strip Welders and R&R tests for measurement devices. In addition to developing the Galvanneal temperature sensor at LTV he developed a prototype Strip Camber Vision System, uncovered the mechanism of Taconite pellet degradation in conveyor transport, explained the role of convective cooling of pellets in storage piles and developed methods to monitor the condition of filter bags in Taconite filter-cake production.

"It was a great eye-opener joining LTV and going from a steel industry outsider into the mills and mines to work out the details of temperature and other measurements in processes," he says.

He adds further, " My experiences at LTV expanded my knowledge; it was always great fun! I felt like I contributed much and I made many new friends. Now, as I work with our growing Web site, it's a new time for me, a way to bring my experience and technical skills to bear on a broader range of industrial temperature measurement problems, my principle area of interest. Those quite far away, with special problems can access our experience base and benefit from it. Additionally I can collaborate with others in the same field over vast distances and solve more complex problems nearly anywhere; such is the reach of the Internet. The fun continues!"

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