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"A View to Thermal Imaging's Future!"
Keynote Presentation at IR/Info 2004

by G. Raymond Peacock
Temperatures.com, Inc.
January 19, 2004

In January 2004, our own President, Ray Peacock, was the keynote speaker for the Fifteenth IR/Info Training Conference and Symposium held at the Doubletree Castle Hotel in Orlando Florida. The MS PowerPoint (TM) presentation slides and slide notes are online for direct viewing or downloading as a zipped file (about 3.3Mb).

To download either or both, we ask only that you be registered with our companion website, The Temperature Sensor Community. There is no cost to register, but it helps us seperate the mildly curious from the truely interested. That helps make the downloads more readily available to those who can best benefit from them, plus it helps us keep website bandwidth charges more reasonable. Click on the link above to access the Community website and once registered, proceed to the Download Section to access the download, or, click on the link on the Members Menu to play the PowerPoint program.

Ray did triple duty at the IR/Info meeting. In addition to being the keynote speaker for the Conference, he also presented a short course on Thermal Imagers in Screening for SARS during 2003 and acted as a reporter for both the About Temperature Sensors and The Temperature Community websites where his reviews of both the IR/Info 2004 (January 18 to 21) and The Thermal Solutions 2004 (January 25 to 28) conferences, will be posted shortly.

Among his opening remarks was a comment about how difficult this task was for him, following in the footsteps of noted expert Cliff Warren, former president of both Raytek and Agema, who gave such a great presentation in 2003 on past and present Infrared temperature and imaging equipment & practices.

However, the surge in sales of Infrared temperature sensors and Thermal Imagers during the SARS crisis later in 2003 highlighted a trend in Quantitative Thermal Imaging (Area Infrared Temperature Measurement) that is not obvious to most thermographers and often outside their areas of expertise. This is something that Mr. Peacock has had considerable experience with during his varied career on both sides of the street, so to speak, of the infrared business and involvement with ASTM Committee E20 on Temperature Measurement. Some of the resources and waypoints that thermographers and equipment makers could monitor to stay up with the fast changes likely to occur and influence their businesses in the future are discussed and placed in perspective.


Many of the presentations from these conferences will appear on the respective websites, linked above, and the full conference proceedings are available from the respective organizations that sponsor these annual information exchange and training sessions for infrared thermographers. IR/Info is sponsored by the Infraspection Institute while the Thermal Solutions conferences are sponsored by Snell Infrared. Both organizations have been providing training programs for many years and are well-known in the infrared thermography community.

They are not alone, however. There are several other organizations involved in similar activities, some with very specialized focus such as law enforcement and fire-fighting. Visit the Thermography Training page on this website to learn more about training organizations and our Thermal Imaging Section Gateway to obtain an overview and links to other resources in this rapidly developing area of Infrared applications and temperature measurements.

Don't forget our Meetings and Calls for Papers and References pages where one can see where and how Thermal Infrared technology is being used or else catch up on the background to this exciting technology.

P.S. Interested in a product listing or doing a sensor review? Check our vendor directories. It's free and self service at TempSensor.net and reviews are accepted. For the Temperatures.com site, Vendors only, please click here.



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