A product with a unique advantage Air humidity and temperature play an important role in meteorology. Highly accurate measurements of these climate parameters form the basis of accurate forecasts and meaningful records. The E+E Elektronik Model EE33 series humidity and temperature sensor is the only one on the market with a double-heated probe. Both the sensor tube and the sensor element are heated. An application note, free for download from their website, tells the rest of the story. You can download it be clicking here. If that does not work, as sometimes happens when organizations “refine” their websites, we have … Continue reading

NPL’s Beginner’s Guides to Temperature & Humidity & More…

The Guide to temperature is an introductory guide which aims to help first-time users who have no experience of how to measure temperature beyond what they may have picked up in school, college or everyday life. You can visit the Comment Page on this provisional Guide by Richard Rushby online at the comment webpage for the Temperature guide at: … Continue reading