About Thermal Imaging

(Infrared Thermography)

Infrared Thermography, thermology, thermal wave imaging, thermovision and thermal infrared night vision use thermal imagers or Infrared imaging cameras.

Photo of an Avio TVS 700 IR Camera-Courtesy of Nippon Avionics Co. Ltd.

Some of the actual devices appear like slightly oversized video cameras, while others appear a bit bulkier. They have been getting smaller since the introduction of Focal Plane Array (FPA) detectors in the late 1990s.

IR Thermal Image of a Space shuttle in false colors
Thermal Image of the Space Shuttle in false colors-Courtesy of NASA

Specific uses of thermal imagers are widespread. Several major cost saving uses depend upon the temperature measurement capability of the imaging equipment and a great many commercial and industrial uses help produce significant cost savings and cost avoidance.

Thermal imagers are one of the predictive maintenance tools being widely used in commerce and industry.

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