Thermistor Vendors

Thermistors are special solid temperature sensors that behave like temperature-sensitive resistors; hence their name is a contraction of “thermal” and “resistor”. They are mostly very small bits of special material that exhibit more than just temperature sensitivity. During the last 60 years or so, only ceramic materials (a mix of different metal oxides) was employed for production of NTC thermistors. In 2003, AdSem, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) developed and started manufacturing of NTC thermistors made of semiconductors materials, Silicon and Germanium, having both higher and lower temperature measurement capabilities and better overall performance than any ceramic NTC thermistors. Thermistors are … Continue reading

Fiber Optic Thermometer Vendors

Vendors of contact types There are a wide number of devices that utilize fiber optics to aid in measuring temperature. Most are actually slight variation of radiation thermometers, but not all, some depend upon contact with the object of measurement. Most all depend upon a temperature sensing component being placed on the tip of the fiber optic’s “free end”. The other end is attached to a measuring system that collects the desired radiation and processes it into a temperature value. Like a lot of things there are some notable exceptions: the bulk fiber optic sensors which measure the temperature of … Continue reading

RTD Vendors

RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors)  are wire wound and thin film devices that depend on the temperature coefficient of electrical resistance of metals. As the temperature increases, the positive temperature coefficient of the metal produces an increasing resistance value. You can read more about them and how they work on the companion RTD pages. Some metals have a nearly ideal, linear coefficient, like platinum . While other materials have more non-linear coefficients, such a copper and nickel. This page provides links to some of the vendors of these devices. You may note some redundancy with links on related pages. A good … Continue reading

TC Vendors

Thermocouple (TC) Vendors and Suppliers Listed here are web sites for some thermocouple vendors and related products around the world. It is incomplete and will cover more organizations in time. If you wish to learn more about thermocouples, what they are and how they work, visit our companion pages by clicking here. Some of the related products includes connectors, insulation specialties, indicators and controllers and much more. A trip through a good sized thermocouple manufacturer’s catalog is an excursion into a new and wondrous world for a first-timer. (Never knew there were so many plumbers involved in making temperature measurements!) … Continue reading


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