Humidity & Moisture Measurement Webinars

On-Demand from Kahn Instruments: An Introduction to Humidity and Moisture Measurement click here Humidity Measurement Using Chilled Mirror Technology click here Don’t Sweat Moisture Measurement: 10 Easy Solutions click here About Kahn Hygrometers To measure the moisture content of gases passing through its adsorptive systems, Kahn developed an electrolytic hygrometer in the early 1960’s. Incorporating the latest technologies, this product line has been continuously expanded and today includes a wide range of moisture measurement instrumentation equipped with ceramic, aluminum oxide and chilled mirror optical moisture sensors. A common application for the Kahn portable hygrometer is remote monitoring of the water … Continue reading

US National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

Finding Data by Category Online — The demand for high-value environmental data and information has dramatically increased in recent years. To improve their ability to meet that demand, the USA’s former three NOAA data centers The National Climatic Data Center, The National Geophysical Data Center, and The National Oceanographic Data Center, which includes the National Coastal Data Development Center, have merged into the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI – NCEI is responsible for hosting and providing access to one of the most significant archives on Earth, with comprehensive oceanic, atmospheric, and geophysical data. From the depths of the ocean to the … Continue reading

Rotronic’s Humidity Academy

Online  —  The Humidity Academy that was setup by ROTRONIC USA is the way that ROTRONIC have chosen to share their knowledge. Starting with the first topic relating to the theory of relative humidity. They will work chapter through chapter bringing light into the dark or in their language humidity to the drought. The first two chapters are online now and it will be interesting to update this article as the later chapters are added. Chapters What is Humidity? Relative Humidity, Pressure and Temperature The Capacitive Sensor The Wet Bulb/Dry Bulb Technology Summary of Other Technologies Choosing the Right Humidity … Continue reading