Temperature Measurement with your Computer

One of the best of our favorite resources on the Web is a software company on Manchester, England, Windmill Software. They have supplied free PC software for Test & Measurement to all who wish to download it from their website: http://www.windmill.co.uk, Windmill has for many years also published a free monthly informative eNewsletter called Monitor newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221); archive and subscription available online at http://www.windmill.co.uk/newsletter.html. At last look it was up to issue No, 224! Here’s links to one of the extra specials they have done on the subject of temperature measurement Measuring Temperature with a Computer Comparison of Thermocouples … Continue reading


A product with a unique advantage Air humidity and temperature play an important role in meteorology. Highly accurate measurements of these climate parameters form the basis of accurate forecasts and meaningful records. The E+E Elektronik Model EE33 series humidity and temperature sensor is the only one on the market with a double-heated probe. Both the sensor tube and the sensor element are heated. An application note, free for download from their website, tells the rest of the story. You can download it be clicking here. If that does not work, as sometimes happens when organizations “refine” their websites, we have … Continue reading

Using a 3-Wire RTD to Reduce Temperature Measurement Errors

Ensure High Accuracy in Your Critical Temperature Measurements CHESTERLAND OH, USA — To prevent inaccurate temperature measurements which can potentially cause disastrous inventory losses, CAS DataLoggers recommends using 3-wire RTDs to customers taking temperature measurements using RTD sensors. These sensors are affordable and easily available for use with our wide inventory of temperature dataloggers, but some users are unaware of this more accurate option. With this in mind, Applications Specialists have put together this brief guide to show the need for 3-wire RTDs. RTD sensors make simple resistance measurements, usually at about 100 ohms, which is a relatively low level … Continue reading

Data Translation, Inc.

Data Translation,founded in 1973 and headquartered in Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA, is a leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of data acquisition solutions for test and measurement. With expertise in the design of high-accuracy, high-quality hardware and application software, Data Translation partners with end users and OEMs to achieve their test and measurement goals. Data Translation has a worldwide presence, with offices in the US and Europe and distribution in more than 40 countries. Data Translation products are manufactured in the USA. USB Data Acquisition Temperature and Voltage Sound and Vibration DAQ 24-Bit Isolated DAQ Multifunction DAQ Simultaneous DAQ Low-Cost DAQ High-Speed … Continue reading