Liquid In Glass Thermometer Vendors

A liquid in glass thermometer is the sensor one visualizes most often for temperature measurement. A glass cylinder with a bulb at one end, a capillary hole down the axis, connected to the reservoir in the bulb filled with silvery mercury or perhaps a red-colored fluid, an engraved temperature scale; that’s what I picture in my mind’s eye as a proper thermometer.

There are many designs and a significant range of capabilities and uses of those designs. There are many variants around the world from simple, low cost devices that are used to indicate the “doneness” of a roast or turkey, to the very fancy ones used in QA laboratories of the world’s food industries and others.

Check out some of these sites below. They may have just what you seek and you’ll come away with a far better appreciation of the range of instruments and capabilities available for science, industry and even your home!

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  1. Arrow-Sysco’s Home Page
  2. AWE Table of Contents
  3. Cole-Palmer
  4. Dynamic – thermometers
  5. Ever Ready Thermometer Company or ERTCO (USA)
    THERMOMETERS:Liquid in Glass, Bi-Metallic Dial, Hi-Precision Digital Thermometers, Calibration Equipment, NIST Calibrated Thermometers, THERAPEN Pocket Thermometers, Non-Mercury Thermometers, Red Spirit Teflon Coated Thermometers, Precision Armored Thermometers, data loggers and more.
  6. Glas-Col®: Controls/Instruments Index
  7. H-B Instrument Company – Science Instruments
    H-B Instrument Company has achieved worldwide distinction in the manufacturing of temperature and density related instruments as well as of power controls. Sales, marketing, and manufacturing are headquartered in Trappe, PA (near Philadelphia).
  8. HomeTest/Ovulate/btherm/
  9. King’s scientific instruments supply
  10. Kitchen thermometers
  11. Kobold Instruments, Inc. – Thermometers, Temperature Switches, Temperature
  12. Ludwig Schneider (DE)
    Ludwig Schneider, ein Unternehmen, das auf einer 90 jährigen Tradition aufbaut und heute mit modernster Einrichtung ein breites Programm von Temperatur- und Dichtemeßinstrumenten herstellt. (Translation: Ludwig Schneider, an enterprise built on 90 years of tradition, today manufactures a wide range of precision instruments for temperature and density measurement with the most modern equipment.) Multi-language site.
  13. Max-Min thermometer, Kitchen Helpmate–Meat Thermometer…
  14. Miller Thermometer Company (USA)
    Miller Thermometer Company is one of the country’s largest suppliers of thermometer, specializing in high quality thermometers, dairy bimetallics and more plus maintaining a large inventory.
  15. Miller and Weber (USA)
    Manufacturers of precision liquid in glass thermometers; also PerformaTherm thermometers- liquid in glass thermometers with the performance of mercury, but none of the hazards.
  16. NASA FAQ
  17. Pet’s Thermometers
  18. Planet:World-Wide Environmental Monitoring
  19. Process Thermometer:
  20. Qtek Soft Thermometer
  21. Thermicator Corp.
  22. The Thermometer Sound Surface Homepage
  23. Trend Instruments, Inc. – Special Applications
  24. Weatherstore online *new stuff*
  25. Wee Care(tm) Pacifier Thermometer
  26. Weksler Glass Thermometer Corp.
  27. Hans G. Wetzel, Barometer and Thermometer collector