Rüeger Temperature Sensors

Sensors & gauges for temperature & pressure Capteurs & instruments pour la mesure de températures et de pression Sensors und Messgeräten für Temperatur und Druck RÜEGER S.A. was founded in 1942 and offers to a select clientele the most complete range of temperature and pressure measuring instruments in the world. Over 65 years of history have provided a huge experience that now constitutes the basis of a strategy of high specialisation. The Company today has 170 employees providing top products and quality services on all five continents around the world. Head Office and subsidiaries RÜEGER S.A. has its Head Office … Continue reading

Bimetal Vendors

Bimetallic thermometers (Bimetals) are most often seen in people’s pockets, clipped there with the dial indicator facing upwards. They have a sensing shaft about 3 or 4 mm in diameter made of stainless steel. They are great for quick checks of temperature of a product or process, easy to clean and require no batteries. But there are many other bimetals used in processes throughout the world usually unseen because they are inside another piece of equipment. They are mostly found in thermostats, for example, in home and commercial heating/cooling systems. They are used as over temperature protection devices for most … Continue reading