Radiation Thermometer Vendors

List of Noncontact, Infrared (IR) Temperature Sensor & Service Vendors

  • Advanced Monitors Corporation USA
    Maker of the only thermometers specifically designed for animals, the Pet-Temp™ and the Vet-Temp™.
  • The Academy of Infrared Training Canada
    A global, independent educational institution devoted to Infrared Thermography training for more than 25 years
  • American IR Technologies Corporation or AIRT USA
    A new face on the US IR scene with fiber optics and lens radiation thermometer systems and a few specialized applications.
  • Braun ThermoScan™ Ear Thermometer Germany & USA
    Available at drug, mass, department and specialty retailers. To locate the retailer closest to you who carries this product in the USA, call 800-272-8611
  • CI-Systems USA
    A maker of IR and Fiber optic temperature sensors with specialties for semiconductor processing.
  • Chino Works America Inc. USA & Japan
    A global instrument company with a significant line of industrial & research infrared radiation thermometers.
  • Cole-Parmer’s Infrared ThermometersUSA
    A catalog section features some special handheld units for sale.
  • Dickson Infrared Thermometers  USA
    And more.. by catalog, too.
  • Dr. Georg Maurer GmbH Optoelektronik Germany
    A specialty Infrared spot thermometer producer for industrial measurements, specializing in rugged designs, fiber optic thermometers and ratio (Quotientpyrometer) radiation thermometers.
  • Engelhard Corporation A unit of BASF USA
    Makers of the “Exactus” brand of high performance optical pyrometers designed primarily for OEM wafer-temperature measurement applications in both 0.9 and 1.6 micron wavelength passband models. Utilize both lightpipe (Quartz, Sapphire & proprietary materials) and lens models.
  • Eurotron Instruments S.p.a. Italy
    Manufacturers of the IRTec line of industrial online & portable infrared thermometers that include 8 single waveband devices covering the -30 °C to 1600 °C range and ratio infrared (Two Colour) thermometers for the 600 °C to 2000 °C region, including Fahrenheit models. Looks like a new player on the European scene with attractive designs and crisp literature.

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